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stronger, more manoeuvrable and more comfortable.

The new Geotrac series is stronger, more manoeuvrable and more comfortable than the previous model. With the latest models, not only has the visibility been thought of, but things have also changed under the bonnet. Perkins units have been installed in the engines. Electro-hydraulic four-wheel drive and differential locking systems provide comfort and safety.

They can be easily activated in a few seconds at any time by pressing a button. A turning circle of less than 8 m, low unladen weight and low cab height makes this tractor series one of the most manoeuvrable and suitable for slopes currently on the market.


GPS - Data mgt - Seeding - Harvest

Ag Leader has not only leads agriculture into the age of precision, it has changed the way farmers manage their operations.

Providing tools allowing farmers to gather and analyze the highest quality, most actionable data possible.

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Soil Sampling Variability

Fields vary across their coverage. It may be in water-holding capacity, organic matter, yield potential, nematode pressure, soil pH—or many other possibilities. A non uniform solution is needed. Before you can manage soil variability— or manage inputs differently, the area needs to be mapped. And map it with the accuracy and intensity that truly captures the variations.

As Irelands importer of Veris Technologies, we are dedicated to designing and building the products you need to map and manage your variability.

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Diesel - Electric

When you work outside with your forklift truck, you may need much power for lifting. A JAC diesel forklift will be your right choice. Alternatively you wish to use our electrical range.

We offer the J series. According to their load capacities, our forklifts are classified into 1-3.5T diesel forklift.

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AirbrakesUniversal Kits & Fitouts

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